Monthly Archives: November 2013

Who’s ready for a little Rockwood Underwear backstory?

[Insert corny “It all started back in…….” here]  Hahaha Just kidding!

Actually, the idea of Rockwood came about when I was a Junior in college.  I was a Pre-Med major and after 3 years I was worn down to my core.  I needed a break from everything, kind of like a recharge, so I decided to take a semester off.  My parents were worried that I would not return but I knew I just needed a little break.  During this time, I heard a quote (not sure where I heard it) that stated, “If you enjoy what you do for a living, then you never have to work a day in your life.”  And it just made sense and clicked with me.  I knew I would enjoy being a physician because of the lifestyle they can have….but during my time away from school I realized what truly mattered….and it was to be truly happy.  So in following the thought behind the quote, I started to think about what I wanted to do so that I could be truly happy.  Here is where it all began…HAHAHA!  I knew I loved buying underwear…loved the different styles…loved the different colors and patterns….Yes, it may have been a small problem.  lol  So I figured “Why not…” If I had my own brand and worked for myself I knew I would be happy….So I jumped in head first, changed my major, and started learned everything and anything I could.  When I first told my parents I was going to change my major……they were not too happy with my decision.  But, like the loving and supporting parents they are, they just wanted me to be happy.  And so far, I couldn’t be any happier that I decided to go this route.  I’m not to the level of working for myself yet, so of course I still have a day job…but I started working towards my dream and I’m not turning back!  So follow me along this incredible journey…I can’t wait to see where it takes us.