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Successful Opening!

So it has been a little over a week from when we first launched!  So much excitement to be had and yet I was a nervous wreck.  My biggest worry was that something would go wrong with the site but thankfully so much time was spent on it that everything worked perfectly.  I also had a great team to help with all things “site” because I, by no means, have the knowledge to do it all myself.  I want to thank Nathan from for the beautiful job he did on the site and promotional images…believe me when I say he is amazing at what he does and I’m lucky enough to call him a good friend.  A special shout out goes to my blog guy Zach from  Without you, this blog wouldn’t run and look so darn good!  Much thanks sent your way guy…..p.s. Congrats on the wedding!  You two were such a great help and I can’t thank you enough.

I’m also thankful for everyone that stopped by the store, thankful for the feedback, and thankful for the orders that you all placed and continue to place.  I can’t wait to see where this adventure takes us….yes, that includes YOU!  I want each of you to come along for this journey because this brand is as much yours as it is mine.  As I had mentioned in a previous post, when I came up with the idea of Rockwood Underwear, I wanted to do something different from other underwear brands….I wanted to make Rockwood Underwear YOURS!  So check back often to see what we have going on…..and please please please, participate in giving feedback when I come to you all.


It's here.....Launch Day of Rockwood Underwear. Check the site out (URL in bio) and use promo code EarlyBird at checkout for a surprise discount. (Here's a's huge!)
It’s here…..Launch Day of Rockwood Underwear. Check the site out (URL in bio) and use promo code EarlyBird at checkout for a surprise discount. (Here’s a hint….it’s huge!)

The Official Launch is finally here!

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am for this day.  It’s been a long time coming and it’s nice to finally see all of my hard work come to life.  When I first decided to start Rockwood Underwear, I wanted to make the brand about YOU, my customers.  I want your input, your ideas, and your feedback on how to make Rockwood yours!  So expect me to ask your opinion on new design ideas, color choices, or favorite patterns.  Also, I don’t want the blog to be your normal “brand” blog with stuffy postings only trying to get you to buy.  Being that Rockwood is an extension of me, I want to show you who I am….so you are going to get those “personal life” blog postings thrown alongside Rockwood updates.  I want to keep it very real with you all…so please, see this blog as somewhat of a personal dialogue.  And eventually, I hope you find a friend in me after you see I’m a normal guy, just like you, who is chasing his dream.

So I want you to check back often to find out more about Rockwood, the obstacles I had to overcome, and the loads of stuff I had to learn along the way.  I do warn you though, I can’t make any promises on perfect grammar…and I like to use “…” A LOT!!!!  But for you, I will try to cut back. HA!


So excited to finally share with everyone that #RockwoodUnderwear is officially launching this weekend. It’s been such a long journey and I’m ready to share this “baby” of mine with the world! Because I am excited about the launch, I want to share a special promo code with my followers. Check back Saturday for the code then go to the site to see how much you get off at checkout. Thanks for the support and love!

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